Saturday, 25 February 2012

Introducing Rogers Eungblut

The brilliant Jonathan, Susannah, Noah and Isobel passed on Eungblut to us today with some help from the local burly removal men. Albee and Max were very excited, I was more amazed that he made it past all the tight corners in our oh so skinny house (the piano that is not the men). And then I was delighted to be able to get my staple gun out and pimp the piano stool with deck chair fabric. 
Sorry neighbours, because it should be noted that none of us can actually play...yet.


Anna Honey said...

On Saturday February 25 2012 we took our delivery of a Rogers Eungblut piano too. It's exactly the same as yours. My son Harry 7 and daughter Missy 4 are most excited and want to know how it works! Hubby + FIL managed to fetch it and get it into the house without damaging themselves, the house or the piano! I love your striped stool fix... super inspiration and delighted to have found your blog (having googled rogers eungblut! We have a rule playing when daddy is in da house! xx

Sarah Weal said...

Thanks Anna, what are the chances of that! Enjoy your piano. Sx