Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Last days of Blackberry Picking


Went blackberry picking after school today and again committed the sin of not having my camera with me. So no cutesy pictures of kids covered in red juice but a little "food photography" test instead. And I am certainly no expert, and the light was fading and and and, but I quite like them all the same. 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

In Lieu of our Holiday

Ten minutes on a bungee jumping trampolining thing... 

Book Storage

When we lived in a tiny flat in London Jimmy and I once had a humdinger of an argument about the quantity of books that we were housing. Me: get rid of some. Him: Not on your nelly. 
It ended with him storming out of the room, slamming the door as he left. Milliseconds later the makeshift shelf laden with books, above said door, fell on top of him and I laughed A LOT.  

Although I reckon I definitely won that argument, I am very cautious about ever bringing up the subject of "too many books" .

Jimmy's shelf construction skills haven't come on very far but at least his storage solutions are relatively  pleasing to the eye.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Treasures From the Dump

The kids and I return home from a brilliant pirate party and are greeted by this handsome fellow. Well foraged Jimmy. I especially like his left boot. 

Saturday Town Walk

Met a dog called Albie which Albee refused to stroke. 

Squash, almost nicer to look at than to eat. 

A trawl around the Antiques Gallery. 

Monday, 20 September 2010

This is the just the right amount of saccharine for my liking. I suppose this and the previous post tickle the same bone. 

Leaving Sacha

I Hope this doesn't look cruel. I took these photos of Albee on the ferry as we left France and he suddenly got emotional about leaving his cousin and the end of our holiday. My father always used to photograph me when I was having a strop. I'm not sure I would ever dare do that but there is something equally moving seeing a photo of your child sad as there is seeing him happy. 

Wear it with Confidence

Max developed a bit of a crush on our friend Jim when we went to visit him and his lovely family at the weekend.

Painting in Style

I came across this cowboy styled painter/decorator on the way back from school pickup. I had to drag a tired child home double quick march just so I could grab my camera and head out again to get a photo. Moral of the story: Always carry food incentives for children and /or camera. 

Weird Sensations

Choppy seas and grey skies yet these teenagers were having a ball. I loved their temerity as they waded into the freezing water. 
Brave girls. 
And so without getting my feet wet I start a photo blog today. Photos that don't necessarily have a place on my website but that I like for one reason or another.