Sunday, 18 December 2011

Going Crackers

Inspired by Artemis over at Tales of a Junkaholique I decided to make some christmas crackers. Albee provided the jokes but Max had a complete melt down because there wasn't much that a three year old could do. So anyway, I really should have read more into her statement that "cutting them out was a bit of a job". The whole process nearly killed me. To top it off, I'm not convinced that any of us will be able to pull them apart because I used quite thick card. hey ho, that's me done for christmas crafts this year I think. 


KERRY said...

They look amazing! I wish I was crafty/motivated enough to do something like this. Just ordered some tacky crackers from Tesco :(

Anonymous said...

They are sooo beautiful! Je veux aussi en faire, Mai's tu dois me dire quelle est la tradition? Et que mets-on dedans? C'est juste pour Noel ou on peut les faire pour ke jours de l'an?

Lisa said...

Your crackers look great....I had a go last year at making them and I think I too was inspired by Artemis at Junkaholique. It took way longer than I had anticipated but everyone was dead impressed:)