Sunday, 16 January 2011



KERRY said...

Very lovely pictures! Never been to Croyden...what's it like?? Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I did reply on there, but you may not have seen it....I know a family from Exeter who moved to lewes. We have my husband's family in London, and mine in Devon, so we want to be close to one of them...therefore Lewes would be a bit far out for us. I imagine it would probably really suit us though. lots of decisions to make (and possibly all within a month)! Eek! Hope you're well.

Sarah Weal said...

Hi Kerry, I'm always recruiting... We were visiting friends in Croydon and I don't know it well at all. Apparently there is lots of open countryside there, even farmed land which you wouldn't be at all aware of driving in on the main arteries. might be worth checking out.