Friday, 15 October 2010

Grey Gardens

Really lovely night out last night at the Pelham Arms, but today I felt as grey as the Grange Gardens after a night of many wake up calls: 
1 "There's a fly in my room"
2 "My tummy is rumbling"
3 "What's that noise?"
4 "It iiiis morning now "


Unknown said...

your photography is wonderful as is your blog; love the eclectic content. (sure could learn a thing or two from you regards photos; first thing need to invest in a decent digital slr). i'll be back. soon...

Sarah Weal said...

Thank you Linda.

Anonymous said...

You see?
I was right to stay in.
Oh and also to lock my bedroom door so my children can't come in and wake me up.
All in all you are just a much better, more sociable and - look! - productive mum-person than I am.
Your work is just beautiful.